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The Well of Wisdom is an American Tradition of the Goddess Coven in the DFW Area.  Specializing in advanced studies and magickal weekend retreats at Lyric's land in Oklahoma. We seek to further the practices of established initiates through enhancing educational opportunities and deepening studies within the pagan community.  


Well of Wisdom is not currently accepting students.  Members are by invitation only. 


“Some things cannot be taught; they must be experienced. You never learn the most valuable lessons in life until you go through your own journey.” ~ Roy T. Bennett

A cabin on the mountain side hid in a grassy nook

Where door and windows open wide that friendly stars may look.

The rabbit shy can patter in, the winds may enter free,

Who throng around the mountain throne in living ecstasy.


And when the sun sets dimmed in eve and purple fills the air,

I think the sacred Hazel Tree is dropping berries there

From starry fruitage waved aloft where Connla’s Well o’erflows;

For sure the enchanted waters run through every wind that blows.


I think when night towers up aloft and shakes the trembling dew,

How every high and lonely thought that thrills my being through

Is but a ruddy berry dropped down through the purple air,

And from the magic tree of life the fruit falls everywhere.

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